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At Vim foundation, we have faith in the potential of our youth and their endeavors to plant the seeds of tomorrow in society; an ambience where local businesses and startups become the driving force of the economy, and individuals are given the opportunity to spread their wings and gale into the world. Vim Startup Initiative Program is one of the many projects Vim Foundation has to offer that extends a helping hand to local entrepreneurs who possess a business or a concept but struggle to forge ahead due to various barricades. Vim Foundation portrays a sturdy pillar to these young and eager entrepreneurs and offers their infinite brace to aid and assist them in defeating any obstacles that they may encounter; the aids being in the form of finance or administration.

In November 2020, Vim Foundation announced the winners of the startup who have participated in the Vim Startup Initiative Program. During the event, the entrepreneurs received training, administrative, financial, and legal support with the objective of enhancing certain aptitudes that are crucial for operating and maintaining their businesses.

On the 29th of April 2021, several entrepreneurs were able to prosperously conclude their partake in the program, with their businesses heading towards the correct and rightful direction in terms of management, authorization, and finance. As of today, our initiators carry the vital expertise and competency that is necessary for prolonging their businesses.

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