We believe in the abilities and efforts of our people, especially the efforts of our youth to develop the society to one where local businesses thrive, new businesses and business ideas become the driving force of our economy, and individuals are given the opportunity to expand their skills.

Vim Startup Initiative Program is one of Vim Foundation’s projects that gives administrative and financial support to local entrepreneurs who own a business or a business idea but are unable to make progress due to different barriers.

In November 2020, Vim Foundation announced the winners of the first round of the program. Trainings and administrative, financial, and legal support were commenced with the aim that entrepreneurs develop their skills in order to administrate and supervise their businesses correctly.

On 29/4/2021, Some of the entrepreneurs were able to successfully complete their participation in the program with their businesses being on the right path administratively, legally, and financially. Our entrepreneurs now have the skills and ability to maintain and manage their businesses on their own.

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