As part of its series of works, Vim Foundation presents the following debate titled, Constitution; Amid Being Written and Forgotten.

Despite the fact that Kurdistan Region has enjoyed autonomous powers for three decades now, it still does not have a constitution. When the Iraqi constitution was approved in 2005, work went into writing down a constitution in Kurdistan too. In 2009 the constitution bill was approved in the parliament; however, political differences forced the bill to be returned to the parliament.

The debate on the Constitution; Amid Being Written and Forgotten, will shine a light on the reasons why the Kurdistan Region does not have a constitution yet. How far have the attempts to write the constitution reached, and what are the obstacles? Is a constitution essential for Kurdistan in the meant time? Dr. Yousif Goran, Ph.D. in Constitutional Law, and Dr. Ismael Osman, Ph.D. in Law, will discuss these topics and many more in the debate.

Date: Thursday 22/12/2022 Time: 2:00 PM Location: Sulaymaniyah, Vim Foundation, behind Dayk Park.