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With the intention of considering the capacity of the youths and elevating them, Vim Foundation announces the second round of Vim Startup Initiative Program.
The objective of this program is to support competent youths with initiative ideas of our region and advancing their abilities through a number of trainings instructed by experts and specialists in the fields of management, finance, marketing, and branding.
The second round of the program presents itself in a much broader form throughout the provinces of Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Halabja, Duhok, and Kirkuk and accommodates the following sectors:
Education, Environment, Industrial, Real Estate, Technology, Retail, Tourism, and Trading, where 1,100 youths will be beneficiary.

The terms and eligibility for participation are the following:

The ages of the participants must range between 17-35.
The idea/business must be creative.
The idea/business must have potential in the near future.
Applicants must participate and remain committed to the training.

Applicants can apply to the program starting 16.8.2021 and present their ideas. The duration for accepting applications is 45 days.

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