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In the prolongation of its artistic activities to serve Kurdish plastic artists and plastic art, Artfrosh Project opened (Why War?) exhibition for artist Bayan Jaf in Sulaymaniyah.

The title of the exhibition was borrowed from a book title about the correspondence between two renowned scientists, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. Artist Bayan Jaf has endeavored to display the wounds and remnants of war through different techniques.

“The question of war is a very important question in the history of mankind and I cannot answer it with an exhibition. I believe that war enters everyone’s life, whether directly or indirectly. So I tried to make it a big story in this exhibition, and each work tells a story,” Bayan Jaf said about the exhibition.

Dilshad kwestani, a well-known Kurdish sculptor and one of the visitors of the exhibition, described the artworks as a successful effort of Bayan Jaf, saying that Bayan Jaf have made great efforts to protect the memories from being erased. For this, she has come up with a number of beautiful ideas and showcased them here, telling us that things are slowly fading away. So human beings must be conscious and not let history and memories fade away because that is when our own fading will follow.

(Why War?) exhibition is the second exhibition of Artfrosh Project, which is a non-profitable project orchestrated by Vim Foundation, dedicated to progressing and marketing the works of Kurdish plastic artists inside and outside of Kurdistan in the fields of (painting, sculpture, ceramic, and digital art).

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