Vim Foundation Held Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 in Sulaymaniyah, which is one of the largest international campaigns that promote entrepreneurship. This event is devoted to business owners or commerce proposals and desire to provide job opportunities, and intends to generate further initiatives for the sake of economic developments and the prosperity of our society. This exceptional occasion is annually assembled in 170 countries around the globe from the 16th to the 22nd of November. During this week, thousands of events take place that encourage individuals around the planet to take risks and follow their dreams in becoming victorious entrepreneurs.

Global Entrepreneurship Week was organized by Vim Foundation in Sulaimaniyah and Kirkuk. On November 18th, the event was held in Kirkuk in collaboration with Kokar Organization, and on the 19th up until the 21st, the event took place in Sulaimaniyah in association with Mesopotamia Organization, with each and every health protocol and social distancing being taken into consideration.

Global Entrepreneurship Week started with a number of divergent programs and ventures. A particular agenda of the assembly included inviting 7 local small business owners that are currently active and thriving on the market. The objective behind inviting these entrepreneurs was to showcase their experience to forthcoming entrepreneurs and encourage them into taking leaps of faith and assist them in becoming small business owners as well. An additional fragment of the event embraced the initiation of 11 entrepreneurs who held the winning title of the first stage of the Vim Startup Initiative Program. In the duration of those 3 days, the instigators were able to exhibit their projects to visitors, along with acquiring proficiency on how to operate their businesses.

In the course of these activities, 7 panels were arranged for further dialogue, the main topic being entrepreneurship in Kurdistan, while each of those panels discussed a diverse theme and strictly emphasized the significance of advanced ideas and blueprints. 

The panels were as follows:

● Entrepreneurship and the Government’s Efforts in This Area
● Obstacles in Front of Female Entrepreneurs in Kurdistan Region
● Agricultural Resources and Water Pollution, and Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
● Domestic Violence and Female Entrepreneurs’ Effect on Reducing it
● Illegal Trading of Wild Animals and Neutering in Kurdistan
● Art in the Frame of Entrepreneurship
● Education Meets Entrepreneurship: A Graduates Challenge Towards Success

The Global Entrepreneurship Week in Sulaymaniyah welcomed countless visitors and was concluded successfully.

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