In its endeavors to exhibit a sense of reinforcement to capable Kurdish youths and marketing local goods, Vim Foundation orchestrated Vim Startup Initiative Program. Vim Startup Initiative Program is a project that builds platforms for the generation that carries the region’s future on their backs; our youths, who either own a business or hold distinctive business ideas. The objective of the project is to support highly competent individuals with business concepts, as well as further developing local merchandise. Entrepreneurs who wish to expand their small businesses or to fund their business ideas can participate in the program to obtain further expertise and overcome every obstacle that they may stumble upon throughout their journey.

Vim Foundation offers financial and managerial support to initiatives in divergent business sectors such as trading, technology, tourism, real estate, industrial, environment, and retail. Individuals with business ideas or those who have already had a head start in their projects but are facing barricades, can break free from the shackles of those barricades and moreover create job opportunities through engaging in the program. Youth stimulation is exceptionally influential when it comes to enhancing a country’s economic infrastructure.

During the first stage of this program, 11 qualified entrepreneurs were able to clasp the winning title and partake in the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020. Vim Foundation will continuously oversee their projects through training the winners and offering classes related to their field of work. The startup embodied trainers from all over the globe, eager to share their proficiency and expertise.

On October 20th, 2020 registrations were announced open and on November 3rd, 2020 the registration process concluded.

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