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The Artfrosh Project presents the “Shahmaran in the Apple Farm” exhibition.

As part of its artistic activities, the Artfrosh Project presents the Shahmaran in the Apple Farm exhibition of artist Naz Ali Awla.

Regarding the exhibition, artist Naz Ali Awla says, “How is it possible for Kurds to art and not talk about Shahmaran?” she adds, “Shahmaran is the symbol of an open mind and awake nation.”

Reason for having chosen Shahmaran as the theme work Ms. Awla says, “Shahmaran is a Kurdish female goddess, so why are we forgetting her name?” continues, “Up until recently, the rich ornament, colorful, and aesthetical depictions of the female goddess were hung on the mud walls of the villages in Bashur, Bakur, Rojava, and Rojhelat.

The exhibition will open its doors on October 10 at 4:00 PM in Vim Foundation and will continue for two weeks