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As part of its many projects, The Artfrosh Project opens the (Scent of Soil) exhibition by artist Dilshad Questani.

Regarding the exhibition, Dilshad Questani says, “Places and memories have their significance and uniqueness to me. That’s why they’re immensely reflected in my artworks. I attempt to manifest my character in a free-spirited and artistic depiction. Through the influence of color, the sun, and Kurdistan’s unique nature in a blended and organized presentation and endeavoring to find an equilibrium between abstract and expressionism, I try to create an unconstrained world for myself to serve my nation.”

Dilshan Questani is one of the renowned artists in Kurdistan; he was born in 1957 in Sulaymaniyah. He started painting at the age of 16 and presented his work in collective exhibitions in 19 countries, and opened many solo exhibitions.

The exhibition will continue for a month, opening on 15/5 until 15/6/2022 at Vim Foundation, Sulaymaniyah city.

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