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Regarding its most recent activity to support artists and develop their skills, the Artfrosh Project offered the Restoration and Reparation for Artworks course to a group of artists.

Raban Ezzat, the project coordinator at Artfrosh, says about the course, “It is the first time a course in restoration and reparation for artworks is being offered in Kurdistan Region, and artists now have the opportunity to learn the restoration and reparation techniques and care for their paintings.”

The course was six days long and took place at Vim Foundation in Sulaymaniyah. Mr. Ali Kadhim taught the course; he is an expert in the field of restoration and reparation of artworks at the College of Fine Art Poland and is also the director of the restoration and reparation department in Baghdad. The course focused on both the theoretical and practical aspects.

“We have attempted to teach useful, practical lessons in this course and encourage the talented youth interested in plastic art. Likewise, to prepare a group of trained individuals who are able to protect the plastic arts from all kinds of damages and harms,” said Mr. Ali Kadhim about the objective and importance of the course.

Raza Kawa, one of the participating artists, said about the course, “I have always wanted to participate in a course such as this; I’m thrilled that Artfrosh has provided this opportunity for us for the first time in Kurdistan Region. The course is taught professionally, and an excellent staff assists us.

Artfrosh is a Kurdish art platform that is dedicated to advancing and promoting the work of artists and introducing Kurdish artists, and marketing (paintings, sculptures, ceramic, and digital art) throughout Great Kurdistan and abroad.