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Vim Foundation

Vim Foundation is an organization that was launched in 2019 in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan region of Iraq. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that pinpoints society’s gaps and fills those gaps through the best means, takes society into consideration, and acts upon the existing deficiencies.

Commitment to developing our community

We seek to take on each and every matter that effects our society.

Vim Foundation is trying to solve the problems that lead the community in a negative direction and work to find a suitable solution to bring progress and stability to Kurdistan and Iraq.

Our agenda includes training courses and workshops on new work ideas, gender-related issues, culture, environmental preservation and animal rights. Our endeavors are many, because at Vim Foundation, we firmly associate our focal points with the way to empowerment and sustainability.

Vim Foundation

Our Mission

We thrive to empower Kurdish and Iraqi communities through multifaceted effort. Working for gender equality, environmental protection and animal rights as well as cultural development in the region.

Our Vision

  • We believe in local efforts and forces, particularly the efforts of neglected groups to develop society so that local businesses can grow and become economic dynamo, overall, individuals are given the opportunity to develop their capabilities.
  • Working to create gender equality and provide a stable future.
  • We try to identify and solve environmental problems and spread environmental awareness.
  • We aspire to discover solutions that work best in protecting animal rights.


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The Capacity Development Course for decision-makers at the University of Sulaimani.

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Scienspur and Harvard University Online Courses Backed by Vim Foundation

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Scenes from the Darbandikhan Dam before and after the cleanup campaign by Vim Foundation.


Today, Vim Foundation embarked on an unprecedented initiative to clean up the Darbandikhan Dam.

ئەمڕۆ لە دەستپێشخەرییەکی بێوێنەدا دامەزراوەی ڤیم هەستا بە هەڵمەتی پاککردنەوەی بەنداوی دەربەندیخان لە خۆڵوخاشاکی کۆکراوە…

Visit of Mr. Alexan Kravitz and Mr. Kochar Salih from the senior team of the National Democratic Institute to Vim Foundation

Visit of Mr. Alexan Kravitz and Mr. Kochar Salih from the senior team of the…