Global Entrepreneurship Week is the biggest international campaign to promote entrepreneurship. This event is dedicated to those entrepreneurs that own a business or have business ideas and want to offer job opportunities, and plan for new projects for further development of economics in the country as well as development of people’s well-being. Global Entrepreneurship Week is organized annually in 170 countries around the world from 16th to 22nd of November. During this week, thousands of events and activities encourage people around the world to become entrepreneurs.

Global Entrepreneurship Week of 2020 was organized by Vim Foundation in collaboration with Mesopotamia Organization in Sulaimani and Kirkuk. On November 18th, the event was held in Kirkuk in collaboration with Kokar Organization, and from 19th to 21st of November the event was held in Sulaimani in collaboration with Mesopotamia Organization, considering social distancing and health protocols.

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Sulaimani started with a number of different activities and programs, including inviting seven local entrepreneurs that own small businesses and are currently active in the market. Our aim in inviting those entrepreneurs were to showcase their experience for other upcoming entrepreneurs who are encouraged to start their businesses.

Another program that was included in this week was the initiation of the 11 entrepreneurs who became the winners of the first stage of the Small Business Initiative program. During those three days, they were able to showcase their projects to visitors as well as gain knowledge on how to manage their businesses.

In the course of these activities, 7 panels were organized for further discussions on entrepreneurship in Kurdistan. Each of the panels discussed a different subject about entrepreneurship while emphasizing the importance of new ideas and projects in Kurdistan.

The panels were as follows:

  • Entrepreneurship and The Government’s Efforts in This Area
  • Obstacles in Front of Female Entrepreneurs in Kurdistan Region
  • Agricultural Resources and Water Pollution, and Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
  • Domestic Violence and Female Entrepreneurs’ Effect on Reducing it
  • Illegal Trading of Wild Animals and Neutering in Kurdistan
  • Art in the Frame of Entrepreneurship
  • Education Meets Entrepreneurship: A Graduates Challenge Towards Success

The Global Entrepreneurship Week in Sulaimani welcomed many visitors and was concluded successfully.

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