In its attempts to show further support to the abilities of Kurdish youths and local production, Vim Foundation announced Vim Startup Initiative Program. Vim Startup Initiative is a project by Vim Foundation that creates a platform for those youths who own a business or have business ideas. The goal of the project is to support highly capable people with business ideas, as well as further developing local businesses. Individuals who own businesses or have business ideas, but due to different obstacles cannot develop their businesses, can participate in this program and overcome those difficulties.

Vim Foundation offers financial and managerial support to those ideas in different business sectors such as, trading, technology, tourism, real estate, industrial, environment, and retail. People with business ideas or those who have already started their projects but are facing managerial and financial problems can break those barriers and own their businesses as well as creating job opportunities by participating in the program. Those individuals can become a part of developing the country’s economic infrastructure.

In the first stage of this program, 11 capable individuals were able to become winners and participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Vim Foundation will supervise their projects by training them and having them participate in classes related to their field of work. In order to develop the abilities of our young participants, the trainers come from different countries around the world to share their knowledge and different experiences.

On Oct 20th, 2020 registration was open and on Nov 3rd, 2020 it was closed.

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